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Urgent: Late 20S, Net Stock Trader, 12Mth Holiday In Melb, Best Suburb To Rent? Focus: Making Tonnes Of Friends And Contacts.

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Posted 10 December 2011 - 11:46 PM

Hello everyone, warm greetings and salutations,

"Late 20s, Net Stock Trader, 12mth Holiday in Melb, best suburb to rent? Focus: Making tonnes of friends and contacts."

What would your advice be for lil ol me? I'm (due to circumstances) rushing over to Melbourne within a month or so.

I make a living trading stocks and shares through the net, and now I'm heading for Melbourne at breakneck speed through a e676 visa; 6 - 12 month stay. Don't know the results yet though.

My plan is to get a PR there, but thats another whole story.

So I'm gonna spend 6 - 12 months on "holiday" there in melbourne.

How and where can I find wholesome and awesome people to make friends with?

If I get a 12 month visa I'm considering purchasing a 4x4 or an enduro motocross bike and taking part in those kind of activities.

My other interests definitely include kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and drinking!! :D Yeah where I come from theres absolutely nothing to do (really) so I developed a habit of clubbing as my social hobby of sorts.

-I plan to buy myself at least a scooter, an enduro bike or even a 4x4 (i saw some going at $5k!) and selling it off before I leave.
-I do not need access to the CBD since I'm on holiday and not working. Would I ever need to or want to visit the CBD regularly for any particular reasons?
-I do need *unlimited* broadband internet though cuz thats still how I make a living and this 12 months or less I still need to trade and bring home the bacon. For myself.
-I love the beach or lakes. I love cliffs. I love animals and wildlife. I love people too.
-I wanna kitesurf, wakeboard, 4x4, enduro and club often, if time and money permits.
-I wanna meet business people. Entrepreneurs. Startups. Support groups. Out-of-the-box people. People who wanna make friends for a lifetime.
-I've been single for a while now and would like to really experience life there. (Heh) What would be an accessible location? You know, like, not too far from everyone else in case we're dropping by or fetching each other and stuff like that. :P (Of course, if I'm even ever lucky enough to get any dates at all in the first place. Wish me luck!)
-I'm quite used to having amenities (24x7 even) around me so, a good cheap shopping centre nearby perhaps? 24/7 cheap food pls!!!
-I'm... not too worried about crime cuz I'm pretty sure I can handle myself. In fact half of me is saying that it might even be nice to live around the red light zones to really get a feel of things. I don't know. I plan to be using a debit card so I won't be carrying too much cash for me to worry about losing some through a mugging. I dont know. lol.

Don't get me wrong now, I'm FAR from being rich or successful, and everyone thinks I'm nuts for doing this. But I know I'd rather do this now when I have juuuust enough money to do it! (So much so that if I falter too much during the 12 months I'm pretty much doomed with only a ticket home.)

Where in Melbourne should I rent? The cheaper the better!

Pls, I really need quick help. I'm hoping to reach there in around a month!! :S
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Posted 13 December 2011 - 05:23 PM

Hi there, wow that's great that your taking a leap and venturing out. I don't know too much about melbs as i am due to land there on Xmas day. I am 35 and moving from western Australia...I will be living in Hawthorne it is east melbs, nice area,.close to trams,.trains and shopping facilities at your doorstep. I too am looking to meet heaps of people and contacts. I am adventurist like yourself and like to have fun with good hearty friends who are loyal and not self centred. I love music so i will be attending alot of the.music festivals there and pubbing and clubbing. I love cafes, road tripping ( be a blast to road trip to Sydney being that its only a 10 hour trip by drive, with good company and a good camera and of course a few ales would make a fun trip) ... If you are keen to make contact, feel free to post back. :)
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