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Melbourne Shuffle

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Posted 08 September 2007 - 05:52 PM

Melbourne Shuffle - Australia Dance Style

Hey guys, I was asked recently about the Melbourne Shuffle and what it is. It is basically a style of dance. If you watch the you tube video below it will give you a good idea of what the Melbourne Shuffle style of dancing involves.

Here is some more info below from Wikipedia:

The Melbourne Shuffle is a style of dance, originating in the late 1980s in the Melbourne underground scene. The movements are typical jazz dance steps incorporated with a modern twist.

The basis of the Melbourne Shuffle has traditionally been footwork performed by combining three basic steps.

1. Sliding to the left or right and then back and forth. When performed well Shufflers can seem to be gliding across the floor defying gravity.
2. Shuffling on Spot is used for different reasons. A Shuffler using this step can conserve energy for a few moments prior to a change in beat and pattern of music. A Shuffler may step back and allow another dancer to take centre stage meanwhile Shuffling on Spot. Arm movements come into play more often while in this step as it allows the dancer to express a connection with the music as to the beat with the feet.
3. Shuffle in a triangular pattern is a very energetic step which can be performed with great flair.

Dance moves from other styles such as mimeing, popping, locking, liquiding, running man and breaking can also be incorporated into shuffling.

The Melbourne Shuffle was one of several dances that emerged during the acid house era. Some have described the main dance styles in that period as jacking, stepping, and shuffling. However, as the acid house genre became more diverse, two different but not mutually exclusive, dance philosophies evolved: the back-step and the shuffle. The Shuffle has continued to evolve in Melbourne nightclubs and events over the years, and has adopted moves from established dance styles such as hat tricks, spins, and running on the spot.

The music that Melbourne Shufflers originally danced to was House Music and Acid house in the late 1980s. In the early 1990s as Trance music came in the dancing style changed to a glide which changed back when Minimal House came in. In 2007 Melbourne shufflers listen to hard trance, hardstyle, jumpstyle, hard house, psytrance, breakbeat, drum and bass, Tribal House and Techno.

Today known as "rocking" to the Melbourne locals, the name "Melbourne Shuffle" has been derived from overseas DJs, partygoers, visitors and the media trying to describe this phenomenon. Locals have simply called it the "shuffle" since 1992. The Melbourne rave/electronic music dancers donít generally dance for competition; or to show off, but for themselves, for fun and self-expression. Learning is generally achieved through watching other dancers and incorporating variations into their own style, by which they create an individual style representing their own personality.

Some dancers sprinkle talcum powder on the floor beneath their feet to help them glide more easily. The use of talc to improve dancing has been around for decades, particularly popular with dancers at Northern Soul all-nighters in the u.s

Recently the shuffle has spread to Malaysia, most likely due to Malaysian students studying in Melbourne, discovering the electronic dance music scene and taking the unique shuffle back with them. Since 2005, there have been 'Shuffle Competitions' held in Malaysia. There were also Street shuffle exhibitions which were held at different places with the main reason as to promote this dance to the public. There were even talks about this Melbourne Shuffle on the radio and television by a team from Sarawak, called "Hazard Minors whom previously called themselves as the Kuching Shuffle Team KST)" and also were publicized on Chinese newspapers, magazines and dance journals.

Shufflers have taken their art form and self-expressive dance style overseas and are a regular sight to be seen at rave parties in the UK, Germany, Malaysia, and Thailand. Melbourne socialite and jetsetter, Jason Fabbri aka. "Dr. Shuff" is an ambassador of this particular dance, and is a regular sight at overseas dance clubs, especially in the United States. The internet has also been a factor in spreading knowledge and interest in the shuffle.

A documentary entitled Melbourne Shuffler was in production during 2004-2005 and was recently released in late 2005 on DVD.

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