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Here Is My Story:

Posted by emacca , 12 June 2012 · 13,820 views

aami car insurance aami insurance
I had a minor accident from which another driver cut across 3 lanes into my lane without enough breaking room for me & i hit their vehicle in the rear. I only had 3rd party cover but the other driver was with aami as well. I attempted to make a claim asap but was refused because of my level of cover and was told i had send them a letter of demand and take it into my own hands. lucky for me the responsible driver made a claim so i could submit my version...4 months later and I'm still ringing every week and its only just been passed onto the claims officer! it has become obvious that it is now a battle between who puts more money in their bank & that isn't me! i'm a 19 year old student trying to get through my tertiary education and am now stuck with large repair $$$, paying for someone else's stupidity but according to AAMI they are deemed as a 'skilled driver.' They need to change their policy motto to: 'drive like an absolute maniac & we'll have your back. Drive safely & you can get stuffed!'
I am just appauled not only by their lack of support but 4 MONTHS! this could all be sorted within 2 weeks! i live in a household with 5 people with 5 vehicles + my ridden off vehicle sitting in the driveway doing nothing! its now a burden on the street i live in!
I am feeling a lot luckier now that i am no longer with AAMI & am planning on starting a campaign to get this word out there.

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