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Cockatoo Bit Me!!!

Posted by glen , in Travel 12 June 2011 · 10,609 views

Hey guys,

I went up to Grant's Reserve in the Dandenongs today and made one big mistake!

I tried to feed a sulphur crested cockatoo by holding out my hand with bird seed and letting the cockatoo land on my hand.

Within 20 seconds I had a cockatoo biting right into my thumb. I think the bird lost its balance and thought it could hang onto my thumb like a tree branch! Ouch! The beak dug in about 4 millimetres. Hopefully it does not get infected.

I will stay my distance next time! The rosellas and king parrots are fine but the big white cockatoos are not made for hand feeding!!!

Cheers, Glen :)

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a bird almost ran into me and almost scratched my face the other day when i was jogging... and I still remember one bird used my eyelid as a stepping stone when i was waiting for a train 7 years ago, my eyelid was swollen for a few days, lol. it was learning how to fly and lost balance i think
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the duck ^_^
Feb 07 2012 05:54 AM
ouch :(

we have a family of magpies here and the current babysometimes has a little trouble telling a peice of chicken breast from a thumb
just as well they're gentle when they take the food
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I have to admit I giggled a bit about this... I know how painful it is to have a bird bite you. However, they are natives.... maybe he thought you were food.

Not quite a country boy yet, Glen?
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